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Coinbase adds Polkadot Solana Keep and Chiliz

At different times I have owned Polkadot, Solana, and Chiliz.  I have never owned Keep.  I am not familiar with what it does yet.  I have a feeling that Polkadot and Solana will experience the Coinbase effect but as I have stopped trading, I will just have to watch from the sidelines.  I looked into Chiliz and I don't fully understand it.  It has something to do with owing something for being a sports fan.

I think NFTs are cool and will be here to stay so maybe that is what Chiliz is dealing with.  There are a lot more crypto owners in Europe so I think they are going for that market.  Solana is a competing blockchain.  I don't really understand the benefits.  Polkadot is another blockchain and everyone loves it but I haven't used it yet.  At least I don't think so.  I don't fully understand Kusama or how parachains work yet.  There is so much to learn.

Just as I try to learn something, there is new tech and everything you just learned is yesterday's news.

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