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Cobo Vault Review

Cobo Vault Hardware Wallet Review

I finally opened up the Cobo Vault as part of my search for a Pancake Swap compatible hardware wallet other than Safepal.  The Cobo Vault comes in a nice box and appears well made.  The security seals on mine were not attached on the side.  I am not concerned using the wallet for testing with a few dollars but it could have been tampered with and I wouldn't know it. 

Cobo has a feature that lets you check with its website to make sure the device is legit so I passed that test.  This device doesn't have any method of connecting to a computer of the Internet.  it has a mini SD card slot for updates as I am seeing more and more.  I was annoyed when I tried to update the Ellipal because I couldn't figure it out.

Hopefully this update will be easier.  It doesn't seem that Cobo is ready to work with Dapps but it does cover several block chains.  It has a fingerprint reader on the back and it comes with a battery pack and an alternate back device that allows you to use AAA batteries if you don't have a charge.

If you are holding one of the coins they support, this is a great wallet to consider. I would make sure you buy it from a reputable source and know what you are doing to make sure the device is fully formatted and clean.

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