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CBDC are bad and here is why


It is a type of digital currency which has been issued by a central bank and is a digital representation of fiat money. It therefore has the property of being a form of money that is regulated by a state or a union of states. This proposal seeks to solve the problem, especially in terms of costs and infrastructure, of the physical version of fiat money (coins and banknotes).

According to the Bank of England, CBDCs are electric money issued by a central bank. This allows states to indicate that this digital currency is legal tender. The issuance and recording of transactions is done by some kind of centralized database system. CBDCs seek to expand the features and usability of fiat money, especially on the internet, as well as to compete with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Central Bank Digital Coins are not so great.  Do you want to trust the US goverment or do you want to trust Ethereum or Bitcoin.  The government can do whatever it wants to your CBDC.  If you didn't pay your taxes, they are going to grab it.  If you didn't pay child support, you are going to lose.  Edward Snowden propsed an even worse example.  What if the government decided to do a negative interest rate.  They could reduce your finances a percent or two at a time and force you to buy durable goods.

A whole bunch of things are possible when the government knows about every dollar.  Even if CBDC come out, I will put some money in them but I will keep a bunch separated in the world's Defi market.

I like being able to move money in seconds on Binance Chain.  I just lost my ability to charge credit cards through shopify.  I am divorced and had lots of stuff taken.  I don't trust anyone right now.  If you don't hold your keys, its not your crypto.  I hold all of my keys except I do have 1 million shares of Shiba in my Coinbase account because if it goes to a dollar I don't want to miss out.

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