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Can the US shut down Bitcoin?

Is it possible to defeat Bitcoin?  Could the US government ban Bitcoin?  The US can't convince half its population to get a vaccine.  I think the US probably can't get its shit together enough to ban something as perfect as Bitcoin. 

I am going to say at this point, probably not.  Let's say that the US wanted to pass a very strict law against Bitcoin, how much would Riot Blockchain pay to block it?  How much would Ripple Labs pay to block it?  How much would Binance pay to block it?  Crypto companies have a war chest of money to fight anything that comes to oppose them.  Ripple is fighting the SEC right now and appears to be winning.  You can't trade Ripple in the US but that will change.  Ripple can wait out a few terms if it needs but eventually it will get its way.  Companies always seem to get their way.

Right now semi automatic guns, marijuana, alcohol, casino gambling, and online sports betting are all legal in the state of Illinois.  I am pretty sure crypto will remain legal.  Even owning gold was banned for a period but that went away too.

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