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Business plan for Seed Safe Inc

I am going to try and formalize my business plan.  Why not share it.

Our goal is to become the most respected place on the web for opinions on various crypto coins, tokens, and DAOs.  We want to do the research and protect our readers and customers from making mistakes and losing money.  Preservation and protection of capital is number one.

1. We will create honest content about cryptocurrency, hardware wallets, blockchain, and Defi from the perspective of a small investor.  It will be mostly opinion.  We want to increase traffic to at least 10,000 monthly organic.

2. We resell the absolute best hardware wallets.  We buy direct and we store them safely.

3. We offer consulting services to companies and governments who need help with crypto.  There is no reason that a centralized body can't invest in Decentralized Finance.  In fact, there are more reasons that you should.

4. Establish headquarters in South America like Ecuador or Columbia after it adopts crypto.  This will allow us to consider developing our own token and AMM without federal concerns.

5. Develop AMM which will be a Fork of Pancakeswap where you can win NFTs when you trade and win NFTs when you mine with our own token

6. Add lending and borrowing staking and yield farming.

7. We would like to create the largest Stake for service marketplace where you stake coins and receive memberships and perks from real companies like Planet Fitness, Amazon, Best Buy, Netflix, and BMW.  As an example, if someone stakes 500 Cake coins they will get Netflix for free as long as they keep them staked.

I believe there can be a whole Stake for service marketplace where people can get all kings of things for free by letting money work for them.  Stake $100,000 and live in an apartment for as long as you keep the money staked.

The person receiving the money can turn it around and stake it in Cake and hope to double the money.  There would be risks if using Cake but there are many stable coins that you could also stake or stake a basket of stable coins.

I have a parking spot for rent in my building.  Would I rather get $100 a month or would I rather have $5000 to stake and he can get it back whenever he wants?  Maybe it needs to be a little more but the numbers work at some amount.

Stake $250,000 and get unlimited flights on United Airlines.

Stake $250,000 to American Express and get a Black Card.

There are so many ways for this to work but the first thing that is needed is mass adoption of wallets.  Until millions and millions of people are using crypto wallets and having a direct relationship with the blockchain none of this stuff is going to work.

I learned today that Apple has the power to make it hard to do Defi from Trust Wallet.  I never really considered that was something I would need to deal with.  I am rethinking my security plan.  I wan to only rely on open source software and BIP39 wallets where I can take my words and type it into a different wallet and still get my funds.


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