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Bored Apes are worth 2.5 billion dollars

As of February 5th, Bored Apes have a floor price of 100 and Ethereum is worth about $3000.00.  That gives the project a floor value of about $3 million dollars.  Holy Ship!

The price floor of a Bored Ape NFT is 106 Ethereum right now.  That means that the least expensive price you can get a bored Ape is 106 coins valued at $2600 each.  If you look at pricing from a couple of weeks ago, you will see that Bored Apes floor is rising very quickly.  The price of Ethereum is also rising, so you have a double whammy of it just going up.  The minimum Bored Ape costs more than a quarter of a million dollars.  There are 10,000 of them and many of them are not going to sell at the minimum.  There are many diamond hands holding apes that will never sell.  As long as they keep coming up with ways to make money by holding the Ape, people will be able to keep the Ape and use the utility to pay rent and buy food and what not.  I wonder how much you can earn a year just by owning a bored Ape.  This year you would have earned at least 20 Ethereum on your Mutant Ape and at least 9 Ethereum on your Bored Kennel Club dog.

That is some serious profits just from getting a couple of Airdrops.  Those have to be two of the most lucrative airdrops in history.

It takes most companies decades to become worth a billion and Bored Ape did it in less than a year.  If you own one, you might want to hold that wallet a little tighter.  I wonder how many bored Apes are lost in wallets that can't be moved?

I have a 90 crypto kitties that are stuck.  I am glad they didn't turn out to be as valuable as Crypto Punks or I might have been a lot more upset. 

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