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Bored Ape Club vs Mutant Apes

There is a new reason to own a Bored Ape.  If you own a Bored Ape or a Mutant Ape you are able to play an iOS game that lets you use your ape as the character.  I tried the game last night without my own ape and it was confusing and kind of boring.  All I did was kept walking towards the top of the screen and tried shooting things by standing still.  I cleared to rounds and then got bored.

But it is the beginning of something big.  It is like Nintendo and Miis but you have to buy them premade.  You can play many games on the switch as yourself if you create a custom Mii.  NFT avatars are starting to give you the same.  Also, as the metaverse gets rolled out, there will be exclusive places or locations for NFT holders.  They may be cool or they may be stupid but they will be exclusive and that is enough to give it a strong allure.

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