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Bitcoin lending, where do you get collateral

Diamond Hands

Bitcoin is imploding.  The stock market is imploding.  Gold is holding relatively firm.  Oil prices are at highs and no one is working.  Oh, and don't forget about the 9 percent inflation.

This can't keep up and one of the ways we are going to see it have effect is by poeple pulling out of speculative assets to make sure they don't lose their real estate.  Many people might be in real jeapardy of losing homes, businesses, and assets if they made purchases based on the value of crypto at anything about $20,000.  If they used crypto as a loan for other crypto in an app like Coinbase, they have probably already been liquidated.

This is the big cyrpto reckoning.  I think we will survive it and get past it but it might be a multi year bear market before main steet will consider risking their own assets on Cyrpto.  If interest rates stay high in the United States, people will be much leass likely to try risky assets like crypto.  Hopefully all of the week hands are gone and wht ias left is the diamond hands.

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