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Bitcoin Hunny, what the fuck is it and why should I trust it?

As you may have noticed the market is way up.  I have been a die hard fan of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cake only for many months.  Well that has all changed.  I am started to take a lot more risks as the market continues to assail.

The first big risk I am taking is using a new Defi aggregator called Pancake Hunny.  It appears to be a clone or fork of Pancake Bunny but instead of a bunny logo, it is a sexy bunny logo.  It actually looks a little seedy considering how much money is locked in the protocol.

I am staking some Cake and some Banana at Hunny.  I bought some Banana at Apeswap and I was staking it at Apeswap but I moved it to Pancake Hunny to try and get some Hunny tokens.  I am also providing liquidity to the Hunny BNB pool.  I am not sure why I am wiling to trust this defi protocol.  I didn't do my proper research so no one should follow me blindly.  Its just that the market is up so much that I want to try and press things.

I believe that any of the Defi AMM's that survived the last few months and kept some value locked are ripe for 1000% returns as their governance tokens begin to have value again.  I am looking into Banana the most.  Apeswap has done a pretty good job for itself and it is one of the few governance tokens that pays a realistic emission that is sustainable and that has a large following and lots of money locked.

You still need to be in the right coins and projects if you want to make money in crypto.  Is anyone still holding Pancake Bunny as it goes from $500 down to $5.00.  It may go up again and this could be a great time to buy but I would rather try out something that hasn't been hacked.

Pancake Hunny all around.  I staked Hunny for a little bit and earned about fifty bucks worth of Hunny.  My official opinion is that it still make sense to stake Cake over staking Pancake Hunny.  Auto Cake is the lazy man's way to riches.

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