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Binance will become the most valuable company in the world

Binance is the largest centralized crypto currency exchange in the world.  Binance processes 1.4 million transactions per second.  That is a lot.  Binance has some of the lowest trading fees so even though they have the most volume, they are not necessarily the most profitable.  Binance will become the most valuable because they hold the largest share of BNB coins.

I believe that BNB will have a larger market cap than Ethereum within a year.  Ethereum is slow and expensive.  Binance Chain is cheap and fast.  Ethereum is decentralized.  Binance Chain is sort of decentralized.  Binance chain has the money and the developers to make what will eventually be the world's biggest currency the BNB.

Once Binance is able to get the unbanked to start using BNB coins on their phones, Binance has a good chance of surpassing even Bitcoin's market cap.  As the largest holder of BNB coins, all of these things will raise the value of the coin and therefore raise the value of the company.

Coinbase is about to go public tomorrow and is being evaluated with a market cap of at least 60 billion.  They don't have their own coin.  They don't have their own blockchain or their own smart contract block chain.  They are years behind.

Huobi is much closer than Coinbase to catching up to Binance.  Huobi has its own blockchain project called HECO chain.  It is also known as Huobi Eco Chain.  It is a fork of Ethereum just like Binance.  They will also have their own token like Binance which is the HT token.  It is used on Huobi for trading fees and will also become the backbone of the Huobi Eco Chain network.

Tomorrow we will find out what Coinbase is perceived to be worth.  I think it is going to skyrocket tomorrow.  If Coinbase ends up being worth more than 100 billion, I think that implies a lot of unrealized value in Binance Coin and Binance Company.

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