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Big money is entering DEFI

There seems to be a lot of big money going into Defi.  It makes sense, there are millions of people working for companies looking for ways to return money to investors.  One of the ways that they are now considering is by adding Crypto desks.  It will be only a short matter of time where you can hold Crypto in your bank like you can with Robinhood.

Now the big money that I wanted to talk about is's 175 million dollar sponsorship of the UFC.  It is an interesting move.  There are a lot of people who really don't like UFC.  I am not sure how likely a UFC fan is to trade some crypto.

I wonder if they are paying cold hard cash or if they are paying them in CRO tokens.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was a combination of the two. shouldn't have 200 million lying around for a sponsorship.  If they are rich, it may because their CRO coin is doing pretty well and has brought a lot of value to their name.

I am still waiting for that Visa card with the 8% crypto cash back return.  Is anyone making that yet?  I received my debit card from my Coinbase account which is cool.  The problem is that I don't take money out of crypto, I only put money into crypto so I am not sure when I would use it.

It doesn't appear to have my name on it so I could use it when dating if I am not giving my real name.  It would still look pretty cool to whip out the Coinbase card. Although I am guessing a date might find my Amex Platinum a little more mature.

The top of the crypto market will be when coins start buying superbowl ads.



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