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Best selling hardware wallets

hardware wallet testing lab is the best place for you to purchase your hardware wallet:

The best selling hardware wallets on are Ballet's credit card wallet and Shift Crypto's Bitbox 02 Multicoin edition. We have been open for almost a year and we have had a very reliable supply of wallets. We have almost everything in stock including about 100 Bitbox Hardware Wallets.  Half are multi coin and the other half are bitcoin only.  We are selling about 1 to 1 ratio.  That is a good thing because I am pretty sure I ordered 50 and 50.  We have two boxes of Ballet credit card wallets in stock.  Well not quite two boxes anymore.  

We have found that many people order multiple Ballet wallets.  I think a Ballet wallet is an ideal way to gift crypto.  Even if the user doesn't know how to redeem the funds, they can take it to anyone they trust who know Bitcoin and the funds can be transferred.

One other wallet that I would like to bring up is the Open Dime.  If you are considering gifting crypto to a new user, the Open Dime is pretty amazing.  It will only receive funds until you physically break the pin.  It is one of the coolest products that we carry.  Just search for opendime in the search.

We have also sold quite a few Safepals.  We are in the process of becoming an official Safepal Reseller.  We are only limited by time because there are so many new and exciting things to do.

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