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Axie Infinity, Chiliz, and Cardano dominate the top after the bitcoin resistance breakout.

Another green week for the cryptocurrency market. And this time, it was a particularly eye-catching one, with bitcoin breaking the $45,000 resistance and returning to levels from earlier this year. The rest of the market reacted favorably to the bitcoin (BTC) rally. Most of the major altcoins rose as well. And some of them did so by more than 30% over the last seven days. Those coins top this week's top, which features the AXS token of the Axie Infinity game: almost 37% up for the week and approaches $70 per unit.

Then we find Siacoin (SC), which had an increase of nearly 35%; and Cardano (ADA), which stands out thanks to an appreciation of 34.7% to stand above the dollar per coin in circulation. This weekly top altcoin of CryptoNews is closed by two other cryptocurrencies whose market value increased over 30% in the week: Filecoin (FIL), with 34% up; and Chiliz (CHZ), which increased by 32%. Below there is a chart that shows the most appreciated cryptocurrencies:

During the same week, bitcoin made a vital move to consolidate above $45,000 per unit, a mark it had struggled to break during the year. Ether (ETH) also managed to reduce above 3,000 dollars, while other major coins, such as Dogecoin (DOGE), Polkadot (DOT), or Solana (SOL), increased by more than 20%.

Axie Infinity is brought back to life by Origin.

The first coin in this top, Axie Infinity's AXS token, rose 36.93% between Monday, March 21, and the close of this Sunday, March 27. The movement occurred amid news about Origin cards, a new game mode that Sky Mavis has prepared.

With the week's momentum, AXS closed the week with a market price of USD 68.86 per coin, still, far from the USD 90+ it opened the year with. Meanwhile, its market capitalization exceeds USD 18 billion. On the other hand, the rewards token used in the game, SLP, also rose 22.22% on the week. Thus, with both passes increasing their value in the market, it would seem that the play-to-earn game is alive again after very negative returns in recent times.

Siacoin fulfilling bullish prophecies

It is also present in the top Siacoin (SC), confirming that the bullish forecasts for this currency that began to circulate at the beginning of March were fulfilled. And in what away, with a 34.78% increase in 7 days, to reach USD 0.0124. SC's growth has generated the coin's best week this year. However, Siacoin is still far from its opening price of the year, above USD 0.015 per unit. Its market cap is over $600 million, with volumes close to $77 million trading on exchanges in a 24-hour range.

Cardano Staking on Coinbase

Cardano staking (ADA) was included in one of the world's leading exchanges this week just ended. With the arrival of this product on Coinbase, the coin seems to have woken up after a negative performance since February. 

In total, ADA rose 34.7% and once again passed the barrier of one dollar per coin, closing the week at USD 1.184. Not only did ADA manage to break that mark it lost in mid-February, but it now seems to be approaching its price level of the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, this currency ranks seventh in the market by market capitalization, accumulating more than USD 55 billion. It has also surpassed 2 billion in 24-hour trading volume.

Business accelerator with Filecoin

Last Monday, March 21, the companies that will be part of the Filecoin Techstars Accelerator project acceleration program were announced. In total, there are 12 companies that are "building on the Filecoin network". The Filecoin (FIL) seems to have reacted to this launch in a very positive way: it rose during the week by 34.35% and reached USD 23.70. This performance is especially promising, considering that FIL came to fall more than 50% compared to the opening of this year 2022. Ranked 37th in the market, FIL has a market capitalization of more than USD 4.5 billion and a volume of more than USD 2 billion in trading on exchanges in 24 hours.

Chiliz with new version of its blockchain

This week's top is topped by Chiliz (CHZ), another cryptocurrency with big gains. In the last 7 days, CHZ rose 32.46% and closed Sunday's trading day with a price of USD 0.2693. The most recent announcement for Chiliz was the release date of version 2.0 of its blockchain. It will be March 31 when the ChilizChain 2.0 testnet will see the light of day. CHZ, after its surge this week, amasses a market capitalization of nearly $2.5 billion.

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