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Auto Cake vs Manual Cake II The Revenge Article

I am looking at the syrup pool as I often do.  I spend way too much time watching that little blue recent profit number move up.  I even have my kids cheering for the price in the bottom corner to go up. My kids love Pancake Swap.  They know daddy gets happy when the number goes up.

Auto Cake is up to 78.5 million tokens.  That is a hefty bump.  All of that bump is probably going to stay put for at least three days.  Manual Cake is dropping fast.  Manual Cake is less than 60 million tokens.  The two together still seem to be about the same and the manual interest rate is 76.12%.  According to the little ROI box that you can click on they are giving you .13 Cake coins per day per 24 hours.  That is a daily return of .21% according to the PancakeSwap website.  Its not like the old days but it is still a sizable return for a coin that is 100% liquid on Binance China and Pancakeswap.  That is what makes Cake so special is that you can count on its liquidity.  Apeswap has a higher yield but I could see getting stuck with Banana coins at some point.  I could also see them going down to zero.

I just have a better feeling about Cake and Pancake Swap.  Even Bunny didn't last.  It had a great idea but there was no real value behind the Bunny token.  Cake is a profitable enterprise and holding a profitable enterprise's token makes sense that if would result in you making more tokens.

I think more auto cake is super bullish.  I think that takes Cake out of circulation for at least a few days and likely longer.

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