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Anyswap looks pretty awesome

I do not own any of the Any token but I have my eye on it.  Anyswap has a functioning bridge for almost every chain.  They are also providing white label services to other protocols like Apeswap.  They are now on their V3 bridge which supposedly is able to do a straight asset swap using liquidity.  My understanding of version 2 was a combination of minting and wrapping and burning.  

Supposedly V3 is much more advanced and if it truly makes blockchains able to interact, that is pretty fucking awesome.  Another cool feature that they are looking to put out would be a way for a smart contract on another chain reference data stored on a different chain.  In a way it kind of sounds like an oracle that uses blockchain data but I don't have a very good understanding of how it works.

The Any token has not made a run yet.  When the bridge starts charging fees, 20% will go to burn Any. Other protocols are using their white label service rather than building their own bridges.  I think the Any technology may be way ahead of everyone else.  At $2.00 it is very attractive.  What if it is one of those that go up like crazy?  It provides more value than a shit coin like Shiba Inu.  Shouldn't that make its market cap go up?

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