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Alt Coins and Shit Coins

I woke up the other day and $2000 of SafeMoon and FEGbsc have become worth $8000.  Holy Shit.  I had a really good day in the market a few months ago and I decided to buy some SafeMoon.  I bought a billion shares so that I could be a SafeMoon billionaire.  At the same time I had been experimenting with FEG which is another shit coin but has a cool mission of feeding every gorilla.

FEG was literally giving money away every day. You could go to Fegfaucet and get free FEGBSC.  I think I was able to get about 4 cents worth for free.  It probably wasn't enough to cover the cost of the transaction fee.  I decided to buy $200 worth and now it is worth $700.  How high can my shit coins go?

I am also doing pretty well with Shiba right now and KCS.  Shiba is the king of all shit coins and KCS is the exchange token for Kucoin.  I think Kucoin is going to take Binance's spot as the number one exchange.  That could give the Kucoin a 50x potential.  Once Kuchain is built out, watch out.

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