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All nation states should participate in cryptocurrency

All governments owe it to their citizens to participate in cryptocurrency.  Whether you feel cryptocurrency is a threat to your sovereignty or you embrace it, you still need it.  Countries that divert electric resources to mining will reap the benefits.  Countries should also provide nodes and stake crypto.  Why can't the central bank of Spain stake Ethereum?  

There is no one to stop a government body from participating in the cryptocurrency market other than the government itself. Why can't each country have a digital currency division that mines, and runs nodes, and stakes.  

Why shouldn't the government of Barbados stake Cake?  Now that El Salvador has legalized Bitcoin, they should create a large mining infrastructure and protect it with their military.  They should encourage citizens and businesses to become nodes.

Whether you decide to make it legal tender, let your citizens trade, or decide to ban it, you probably need to know more about it.  Please contact us

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