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How to Store your Bitcoin

There are 4 main ways to store Bitcoin.  You can store your coins on an exchange.  You can store them in a software wallet.  You can store them in a paper wallet.  You can store them in a hardware wallet. 

There are advantages and disadvantages for each.  A paper wallet doesn't make it very easy to conduct transactions.  An exchange makes it easy and inexpensive to convert from one coin to another even if they are on separate chains.  They also have the right to cut you off and you could have your funds stolen.  You are at the mercy of the exchange and potentially the government or governments that they follow.  If Binance is told to cease operation and they listen, you could have your funds tied up for a while.  There is one way to make sure you don't ever have to worry about some outside government body or company can take your coins.

The way to hold the keys to your destiny and control your own finance is with Cryptocurrency and a wallet.  There are both hardware wallets and software wallets and most of the hardware wallets need some sort of device for the software anyways so there a benfits and problems with all setups.

You may love your ledger but it works best with a pc.  We carry hardware wallets which make it easy to transact with your coins and access the decentralized financial network.