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Stakeable NFTs have been created

Stakeable NFTs are the new hottest thing.  It is hard to go back to Avatar style NFTs now that I know about this new style of Token.  So get this.  There are now NFTs that give you money every day,  Yea, that is correct.   There is an NFT called Charged Punks where you purchase the NFT for about $300.00.  Every day the NFT yields about $3.00 in a new coin called Charge.  It is a very complicated process but let me see if I can capture it.

So if you buy a charged punk NFT, you need to log on to the Charged Punk website and activeate it.  You will get 15 charge for activating.  From there on, every 24 hours, the token yields 10 Charge tokens.  The current value of the Charge Token is 30 cents but I think it will go up.  The project is maintained by a really active and industrious team.

In order to keep the Charge token liquid, the Charged Punks team has purchased 150 Nodes as a service.  The daily yield from the nodes is used to buy back and burn NFTs and to keep the Sushiswap pool filled up with Ethereun so that your Charge is liquid,  

If you have a choice of NFT and one of them gives you $3.00 a day and the other one is just a pretty cat, I think I might opt for the $3.00.  The only problem with this scenario is gas.  The gas is really expensive to redeem your Charge.  I am going to try and wait 2 weeks and see what happens.

Within a few months, you are going to find lots of different stakeable NFTs.  It just makes sense.  I am dumping all of my gen 0 NFTs so that. have room to start buying genesis NFTs.  It has always been a dream of mine to find the holly grail of free money.  Maybe buying an NFT that pays you back after 100 days and then keeps on giving is a good place to start.


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