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Pancakeswap Prediction Market low volume

I was on Pancake swap a few moments ago and I noticed that the predictions market doesn't seem to have much action.  The other day each prediction round was getting about 60 bnb but right now they are getting about 15 bnb per round.  That means a lot less burning if they are doing less earning.  Monday's burn will be an important one.

The amount of Cake is getting out of control. There is about 183 million in circulation now with about 140 million staked in manual and auto cake.  That doesn't leave a big float.

All Cake needs is a couple of whales that want to start earning a good yield and a lot of Cake might start changing hands but without whales, I think it is going to basically follow Bitcoin.  If Bitcoin goes to $60k, we will probably see Cake at 45 bucks again.

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