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Anonymous Hardware Wallet Purchase

One of the points of a hardware wallet is privacy.  That doesn't work if your info is stored on a database and the database gets hacked.  We have figured out how to sell you a wallet with complete anonymity.   There is only one catch, you have to pick the wallet up in Chicago.  Perhaps you live in Chicago or plan to drive though.  Maybe you are coming by for our legal weed.  There are lots of dispensaries near our pickup location.  If you are flying through and take privacy very seriously, you can get from O'Hare to our warehouse and back in about 2-3 hours.  You can always order your wallet on Amazon or directly through the manufacturer but you risk being part of a major hack.

We will accept pretty much any currency but for this transaction Monero makes the most sense.  You will still be charged sales tax.

Here is my other method of anonymous purchase but it takes a lot of effort.  Essentially you purchase a prepaid Visa and setup an alternate Amazon account.  You ship to one of those outdoor Amazon pickup boxes.  Amazon won't really know who purchased if you don't use your real credentials.  You could buy hardware wallets off Amazon using that method and there won't be an easy record to find of you owning it.

It is not good to be on a list of people who own Crypto.  You will get email and letters and fake devices all trying to rob you.  Check out the Ledger hack and the results.  The devices weren't compromised because Ledgers have the best security but the database leak caused a lot of problems for customers getting phishing emails.

Eventually you will be able to buy a hardware wallet at Best Buy or Walmart in a blister pack and pay cash but we are probably still a few years away.  When Square comes out with its digital wallet, that could be the game changer.

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