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The coolest event for cypto-enthusiats ever

Are you passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies? Can you imagine dedicating a few days of your life to enjoy a cryptocurrency and blockchain intensive, together with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts, while being guests of a luxurious stay, with parties and lots of learning? That's what SuperMoon Camp is all about, and it's an experience that wants to achieve precisely that purpose.
It is an event specifically aimed at bringing together experts and emerging cryptocurrency experts from all over the world and providing them with an assortment of learning resources to enhance their skills and knowledge. In addition, the event also aims at exchanging ideas and opinions among crypto-enthusiasts attending the event; and promoting cultural exchanges in the context of social events and festivities. All while guests stay in a luxurious villa.

The event is currently taking place in Miami and will soon take place in Tulum.
The idea behind SuperMoon is undoubtedly to give a new look to the area of international finance. Today, cryptocurrencies are a massive part of the way business is done globally, and it is more than clear that they are a taste of what finance will look like in the future. The idea is to attract young people to the world of cryptocurrencies and understand that expanding knowledge in this area is essential and can even be fun.

As mentioned above, the intention of the SuperMoon camp is to be held in different venues in each edition, which is further supported by the intention to bring the event as close as possible to crypto-enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Furthermore, internationalizing the event - not only through diversity among its attendees but also through diversity among its venues - contributes to the event's prestige, and therefore, more fame and attendees in the future.

A super exciting fact about SuperMoon Camp is where its name comes from. It happens that the creators of SuperMoon Camp have wanted to give the event an air of grandeur, which is why they have related it to a shocking event that gathers millions of spectators. That's how they came up with the idea of inspiring the event in the Super Moon -a meteorological phenomenon- which consists in the coincidence of the full moon or new moon with the closest approach of this to the Earth. This happens because the moon's orbit is elliptical. In such cases it is usually seen somewhat larger and brighter than normal, and the creators of the event have even stated that their goal is to hold the conference on the moon by the year 2035!

The event has some quotas to access it virtually, but you can also attend in-person to their activities. What is much more relaxed, some of the guests can stay throughout the event in the same mansion, with all kinds of luxuries. It has never been more attractive to think about crypto assets. Tickets for the upcoming SuperMoon are already on sale on their website Home |SuperMoonCamp. However, the tickets that include the stay in the mansion have already sold out. In addition, the event in Tulum will also have the so-called NFT afterparty, consisting of parties at the end of each day of the event so that attendees can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Tickets for these parties are not yet on sale on the website.

As a final note, it is worth noting that one of the reasons why the event has generated so much expectation in the world of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is because the support that the event is receiving is not zero. Certainly, its sponsors are not unknown nor well trusted. To name a few of the sponsors of the event, the following can be highlighted: FlashBack, Fintech Advisory Services, Exquisite Workers, Blockchain Center, CryptoCanal, Avalanche, Cointelegraph en español, Koin, Post, NFThursday, Bitcoin Insider, Crypopress, Diario Bitcoin, Crypto NewsZ, Bitcoin Garden, Cryptoknowmics, and many more.
In any case, from, we recommend you to take the opportunity to attend this exciting and super cool event. The best part is that if you are physically or financially unable to participate in the event, tickets for the event's live stream are free.

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